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In our community events, we create a safe space to try new things. Maybe you want to do a 5K, perhaps you want to challenge yourself to something more. Get out, stretch your mind AND your body with fun and a community a friends right there with you! If you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and explore your limits, our community events are just the place.


Looking for a program for your community, school or organization? We can tailor any topic to suit your needs. Contact me today to discover how Kids Run This Town can make a difference

Youth Conference

Proud Partner of Girl Scouts Nation's Capital

Looking for programs to fulfil your badge requirements? We've got you covered! 
Not finding what you are looking for? We can customize any program to suit your needs. Just reach out and let us know how we can help you! Reach out today! 

Community Programs

At Kids Run This Town we believe that it takes a village to build each other up. Our programs are designed for parents, and kids of all ages to feel strong and empowered, self confident and independent, healthy and supported . ​


Contact me today to discuss all the ways we can help bring any of our programs to your school or community group. 

Confetti Girl
Kids Playing Tug of War

School Enrichment Programs

We currently offer a 90 minute in-school enrichment program that are delivered in 9 week blocks

Looking for a program where kids can develop self confidence, discuss what's on their mind in an open and nurturing environment all while engaging in empowering activities? Then our Power Hour Club is just what you are looking for! 


Our Power Hour Clubs run for 9 weeks each semester and cover the following topics:


  • Individuality & Strengths

  • Developing Social Skills

  • Learning to Build Positive Friendships

  • How to Apply Bully-Proof Skills

  • Building A Growth Mindset 

  • Fostering Resilience

  • How To Practice Gratitude and Relaxation

  • Building Healthy Mind, Body and Emotions 

  • Pulling It All Together ​

Each 9 week block offers different activities so returning kids will not be repeating the same activities, simply learning to put more tools in their toolbox on the above topics. ​

We use a variety of delivery methodologies for the above topics including: movement, worksheets, journals, discussion, active games, role play and art/craft. 

Egg and Spoon Race
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