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'Making Friends' Brownies Girl Scout Badge

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This 'Making Friends' online course is designed to help kids complete the Brownies 'Making Friends' badge and will teach kids to develop inner confidence, a positive mindset, friendship skills and resilience. The course is perfect for kids that would benefit from learning about how POWERFUL they truly are, but are not able to attend our in person events. This self-paced online course, will cover the following badge elements: *Learn what makes a positive friendships *Understand what being a good friend is *Learn how to manage friendship issues *Have fun! We will dive headfirst into the world of friendships. How to be a good friend, how to have healthy friendships and what to do if a friendship goes sideways This program is designed so your child can move through at their own pace. This program has a mix of video, activity sheets, crafts and fun quizzes. This program meets all of the requirements to earn your 'Making Friends' badge

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