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As members of the youth athletics community, we embrace the following creed to guide our actions and attitudes on and off the field:

For Youth Athletes:

  •  I am a champion in the making: I believe in my abilities and commit to giving my best effort in every practice and game, knowing that hard work and perseverance are the keys to success.

  •  I embrace challenges: I welcome adversity as an opportunity to grow stronger, both physically and mentally, and I approach every obstacle with determination and resilience.

  •  I respect my teammates and opponents: I honor the diversity of talents and backgrounds within my team and treat every opponent with fairness, kindness, and sportsmanship.

  •  I play with heart and integrity: I uphold the values of honesty, integrity, and fair play in all aspects of the game, knowing that true victory comes from playing with honor and respect.

  •  I am a leader: I lead by example, inspiring my teammates with my positive attitude, work ethic, and dedication to the team's goals, both on and off the field.

  •  I am grateful: I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in youth athletics and for the support of my coaches, parents, and community, and I strive to show my gratitude through my actions and attitude.

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For Parents:

  •  I am a supportive ally: I stand by my child's side as they pursue their athletic dreams, offering encouragement, guidance, and unconditional love every step of the way.

  •  I prioritize my child's well-being: I prioritize my child's physical and emotional health above all else, advocating for their safety, rest, and balanced lifestyle in their athletic pursuits.

  •  I respect the coaches and officials: I trust in the expertise and authority of the coaches and officials, refraining from criticism or interference during practices and games, and supporting their decisions with grace and respect.

  •  I foster sportsmanship: I model good sportsmanship and fair play in my interactions with other parents, coaches, and spectators, creating a positive and respectful atmosphere for all involved.

  •  I celebrate effort and growth: I celebrate my child's efforts and achievements, regardless of the outcome of games or competitions, and I recognize and value their growth, progress, and personal development as athletes and individuals.

  •  I am a role model: I lead by example, demonstrating the values of perseverance, integrity, and teamwork in my own actions and attitudes, and I strive to be a positive role model for my child and their teammates.

By embracing this creed, we unite as a community of athletes and parents committed to fostering a culture of excellence, sportsmanship, and mutual respect in youth athletics. Together, we strive to create an environment where every child has the opportunity to thrive, grow, and succeed both on and off the field.

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