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Build your knowledge, skills, habits and confidence 

Our programs are designed to boost your relationship with yourself. Unlock your strengths, develop your inner power and discover your confidence and build a strong sense of self.


With a range of tools and techniques to help manage anxiety, build awareness of feelings, learn to love yourself and increase your confidence and self esteem while discovering ways to increase inner calm. 


We strive to build you up by allowing you to explore who you are. 

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Powerful Me and Learn to Shine Programs

This program can be run as a full day (Powerful Me) 3 Week (Learn to Shine) or Online format


We will explore identity, strengths, friendship, resilience, growth mindset and gratitude through active games, art/craft, drama, vibrant discussion and group work. Get ready for fun and activities. 


By the end of this session your child will have the tools at their disposal to feel more empowered and confident in their identity and friendships. 

Glow Up 

  • (verb) To transform oneself in a significant way. The phrase can be applied to positive changes in one's appearance, but usually focuses more on one's successes in life and increased self-confidence. 

  • (noun) A significant self-transformation.  

​By the end of this 5 week program your teen will feel strong, confident and ready to take on the world.

Glow Up is a 5 week journey of empowerment designed for teens aged 12-16 to work on understanding their individuality & strengths, building positive friendships & navigating friendship issues, learning to build a positive self image, and work on goal setting & resilience. 

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The Bounce Back

In this 3 week program, we will explore how to set goals and creative a positive outlook, learn to problem solve and work on ways to seek social support when needed. All of this will be achieved through active games, art/craft, drama, vibrant discussion and group work. By the end of this session your child will have the tools at their disposal to cope in the face of adversity and be able to "Bounce Back" when life knocks them down!

Love Your Selfie

In this 3 week program, we will explore what positive self esteem is, how to identify and use our strengths and complete the program with the "Thumbprint Project".


By the end of this session your teen will have the tools at their disposal to identify their strengths , explore who they are and improve their overall self esteem

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Friends at the Beach

My Body Positive(FOR AGES 18+)

Imagine a world where people in all bodies are able to reclaim their health, beauty, and confidence to live full, happy lives.

In this 7 week course we uncover the  five core competencies of the My Body Positive Model. Our model defines health as the interconnectedness of physical, psychological, and emotional needs in human beings. These competencies include: Reclaiming Health, Practicing Intuitive Self-Care, Cultivating Self-Love, Declaring Your Own Authentic Beauty, and Building Community. Within these 7 weeks we will establish foundational building blocks that honor individual authority as the primary path to positive change. 

Kids Run This Town

The core objectives of the Kids Run This Town program are to develop  physical, emotional and social skills. 

Each week kids will engage in an organized, goal-oriented running program that combines
instruction on key running concepts with practical demonstrations of and participation in running activities. 

Kids Running
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