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4 Simple Ways to Find Instant Inspiration

Successful people seem to be born with magical skills. They get up every day with grit and determination and power through any obstacle in their way, seemingly without a bat of the eye. The reality though, they are human, just like you and me. They don't have magical skills. They do however, know where to look for and get the inspiration they need to live their very best life. Use the following tips as a starter for your next source of inspiration.

Go Outside

This is my favorite and possibly the easiest to do, yet the most overlooked. Not only is nature breathtaking and beautiful it has the nutrients your body needs to thrive and work at its best. A deficiency of Vitamin D can affect your mood and even affect your memory or brain function.

Exposing as much of your skin's surface to the sun as possible is the best way for your body to produce Vitamin D. Having more vitamin D in your blood will act as a quick energy boost. You will feel awake and well refreshed after a short 15-minute walk outside, giving you the energy and break you need to feel inspired. Get out and go now, take note of how you feel before you go out vs. how you feel when you get back inside.

Take A Real Break (No really... a REAL break)

If you can, walk away from whatever you are doing, completely. Come back in a few hours, come back tomorrow or even come back in a week from now. Breaks are healthy and good for your brain and body. Burnout can stall your inspiration. If we are constantly searching for inspiration when all the brain wants is an honest break...guess who wins. (hint: it is not your inspiration)

If you can't produce new ideas or keep failing on your new routine, you might just be overwhelmed. Breakaway and don't allow yourself to think about it for a while. When you come back, you will be rejuvenated and ready to tackle whatever is holding you back.

Search the Internet

The internet and a look into what other people are doing, can be a great source for inspiration. The best ideas come from other people's actions. Scroll through feeds, what is a common problem that people are saying? Can you fix that problem?

What are these people doing in their daily life that is different from yours? Read or watch as many videos and blogs as possible on the subject you are trying to find inspiration for. The more knowledge you have and the different perspectives you gain provides the information your brain needs to get moving.

Look to a Role Model or Loved One

Loved ones are the best role models, as not only do they know and love you, but they are also realistic about what is in your world. They can help to guide you down the right path or help you to see the trail through the woods.

If you find a true role model and someone who knows you best, they can help to understand parts of you that you may not even know about. Even a quick chat or facetime conversation about nothing can lead to inspiration as your brain releases endorphins making you feel happy, relaxed and inspired.


Inspiration can be found just about anywhere. It's about breaking free from unrealistic expectations, giving your body the fuel that it needs to thrive, and having the determination to get what you want out of life. If you genuinely want to do it, you will find a way.

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