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How to Start Journaling for Self-Growth

Journaling has so many benefits. Not only is it relaxing and fun to do, but it can also help you discover yourself and everything you want to achieve in life.

Journal with a Goal and Commit

The first step to your journaling journey is to make a goal each day and commit to it. Focusing on the areas in your life that you want to improve will ensure your success. Pick one area or goal each day. Write it down, and then brainstorm ways you believe you can improve it.

Indicate What You Love Most About Yourself

Start with the most obvious things you can think about. Think about your natural abilities far more than your looks. What are your proudest moments? What about yourself do you value the most?

Commit to Honesty, Openness, and Clarity

To truly grow, you must be honest with yourself. Be clear and precise and be open to feeling different emotions. Don’t hold anything back.

Be Structured or Allow Freedom

To starting journaling, figure out the process you want to take or experiment with. Schedule time each night before you go to bed or bring the journal with you so you can write down any thoughts you have that very moment.

The choice is yours, and pick whatever strategy that makes you want to do it. If you know you can’t stick to a schedule, then bring your journal with you or simply use a notepad on your cell phone.

Free Yourself from Judgement

Unless you want to share the contents within your journal, there is no reason to think about others during this process. If you are fearful of the words you write because you want to share, you’ll probably hold yourself back. Commit to journaling judgment free from others and especially yourself.

Evaluating your behavior, emotions, or values doesn’t mean you need to be harsh and judgmental to grow. You can simply reflect that you made a mistake and layout ways to improve. Judgment only keeps you back and gives you an excuse to be dishonest with yourself.

Follow Repeatable Prompts and Answer Daily Questions

For self-growth, the best journaling exercises are those that are repeatable and give you time to reflect. Find prompts or open-ended questions that inspire you to think and bring out your best self.

In the end, journaling is what you make of it and the effort you put into it. If you set a goal and commit to being honest with yourself, you will be successful. Remember to relax, release high expectations and have fun.

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